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  • Online stores have poor accessibility
    von Pleuni am September 27, 2022 um 1:56 pm

    Up to 65 percent of consumers with a disability have abandoned their cart due to poor accessibility of the online store. Often, websites do not meet basic […]

  • SwipBox and Cargus join forces
    von Pleuni am September 27, 2022 um 11:22 am

    SwipBox is partnering with Cargus, a well-known courier in Romania. Three hundred parcel lockers will be installed this month. The pilot will take place in […]

  • Mollie launches Mollie Capital
    von Pleuni am September 27, 2022 um 9:00 am

    Dutch payments fintech Mollie is launching a new financial service, Mollie Capital. Merchants can now apply for a cash advance up to 250,000 euros. The company […]

  • Website Review – HEYWEAR
    von /u/AlexandreHEYWEAR am September 28, 2022 um 7:59 am

    Hi! I am the founder of HEYWEAR and we do most of our sales in our New York stores, our website performs pretty well, but nowhere near what the stores do. […]

  • Flower or Sauce business?
    von /u/fuzzyfurrypaw am September 28, 2022 um 6:31 am

    Hi everyone! I’m on the verge of quitting my full-time job to finally venture out to start my own business, a dream I’ve been dreaming for a while. […]

  • E-commerce shipment protection
    von /u/Ok_Signature_78 am September 28, 2022 um 5:55 am

    I created a way for brands to offer their own order protection and keep the profits from the revenue they collect from their customers. Let me know what you […]